Manage Staff Wellbeing Support with PCMIS

Our online clinical assessment, screening and triage tools provide an award-winning, seamless and secure digital Staff Wellbeing support pathway, with built-in risk management.


Designed to aid delivery of Staff Wellbeing services

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs supporting NHS staff are now established across the UK in places such as North East London, North Yorkshire, and the Greater Manchester area.

PCMIS are proud to be a technology partner for a number of the new hubs as well as a range of Staff Wellbeing services in the UK and beyond.

Whether you’re an NHS Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub, a healthcare company providing staff wellbeing services or a commercial organisation looking for a tool to help you manage staff wellbeing caseloads, PCMIS can optimise your service to benefit your workforce.

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  • Efficient collection of a wide range of outcome data
  • Evidence-based clinical tools to make signposting or treatment more efficient and effective
  • Intelligent, integrated digital e-triage platform for staff wellbeing
  • Quick and safe screening for staff and/or immediate family members
  • Easily identify and prioritise high risk referrals
  • Ensure staff are signposted towards and given the appropriate support
  • Portal logic to configure question types and completion rules
  • Create and display custom messages based on form completion outcomes