Support Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing with PCMIS

PCMIS are proud to be working with a number of organisations, including NHS trusts, providing systems to support Staff Wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a system to help manage your staff counselling and mental health support read on…

Many employers, including the NHS, are rightly reviewing and planning how they can best support the wellbeing of their employees.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs supporting NHS staff are starting to open across the country in places such as North East London, Bedfordshire, and Lancashire.

The hubs have been modelled on the success of the Greater Manchester Resilience Hub which was set up to treat all those affected by the Manchester terrorist attack in 2017, including NHS staff.

PCMIS are proud to be the technology partner for the Resilience Hub, supporting their ongoing efforts.

We welcome enquiries from any NHS Trusts looking to replicate their success and considering how best to utilise technology to achieve this.

A flexible, digitally innovative system

Whether you’re an NHS Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub, a healthcare company providing staff wellbeing services or a commercial organisation looking for a tool to help you manage staff wellbeing caseloads, with PCMIS you can:

  • Deliver an intelligent, digital e-triage platform for staff wellbeing
  • Quickly and safely screen staff and/or their immediate family members
  • Easily identify and prioritise high risk referrals
  • Ensure staff are signposted towards and given the appropriate support
  • Use Portal logic to configure question types and completion rules
  • Create and display custom messages based on form completion outcomes

The PCMIS clinical system’s inbuilt flexibility offers excellent data completeness, a configurable range of clinical measures, a comprehensive notes and supervision area, and dynamic, configurable reporting capabilities.

Confidential, secure and seamless data management

Utilising our online portal and integrated SMS notifications we can set up a seamless digital pathway to help you drive engagement, follow up and feedback, all while maintaining the highest level of data security and confidentiality around personal data.

If your organisation is already using PCMIS in other healthcare settings, we can ensure that Staff Wellbeing pathways are managed confidentially, separate from existing data and pcmis users as required.

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