Patient Communication

Integrated Patient Communication tools help your service ensure clear, consistent messaging and reduce timely administration tasks.


Keep patients informed and engaged

For patients, tools such as our Portal SMS, which utilises Textlocal’s ‘bulk SMS’ product, ensure that they stay informed throughout their treatment journey.

All patient communications tools embedded in or integrated with the PCMIS clinical system are subject to a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Privacy by Design is used to assess and ensure GDPR compliance.

Contact us to discuss how PCMIS can integrate with your chosen patient communication tool.

Our current Patient Communication partners


Textlocal are our ‘bulk SMS’ provider. Cheaper than post and proven to be more effective than email, bulk SMS is a tool that allows you to easily send text messages to consenting clients at every step of their journey through your service,

With the PCMIS Portal SMS feature you can send texts to welcome them to your service, remind them about appointments, prompt completion of Patient Experience Questionnaires and direct them to the PCMIS Portal to complete measures online in advance of their scheduled appointments.

Visit Textlocal’s website to read a Textlocal x PCMIS impact case study.