A unique link to Mental Health Research

PCMIS case management tools are evidence based. We translate world-leading mental health research into innovative, clinically impactful technology that helps improve patient outcomes.

PCMIS was developed at the University of York in 2006, in partnership with mental health researchers in the Department of Health Sciences.

Those same researchers are now part of the University of York’s Mental Health and Addiction Research Group (MHARG). MHARG is a leading UK centre for large trials and related studies, focused on the care of people with addictions or mental health problems, as well as on prevention. It is a centre of research excellence, with studies designed to inform health policy.

Our direct link to the high quality research conducted within MHARG puts us in a unique position, with first-hand access to cutting-edge applied mental health research, which we can use to inform our technology.

Equally, any information that we feed back to MHARG can inform and direct their research. This close reciprocal relationship gives us a real advantage when it comes to helping your service to improve treatment outcomes.

A diagram to illustrate how research and technology inform each other to drive innovation and better outcomes for patients.

PCMIS evolves in a cycle, informed by current research. The first step in this cycle involves the collection of large volumes of clinical data, often from services already using PCMIS technology.

We then collaborate with world leading mental health researchers to investigate the data.

Based on the findings, new clinical support tools such as client outcome prediction models can then be developed.

These features and tools are then empirically investigated, often by involving clinicians and researchers in testing them. Finally, the data from these tests is collected and the cycle begins again.

Below are some links to mental health research studies that have used data collected by PCMIS or have influenced the development of our technology.