Digital Mental Health Technology that Improves Outcomes

PCMIS offers a suite of intuitive case management solutions designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind.

Our technology can enhance service efficiency, minimise costs and reduce clinical risk.
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Clinically-proven Treatment Response tools that Reduce Risk

Outcome Feedback is 'Expected Treatment Response' technology embedded in PCMIS.

Proven to reduce patient deterioration for Talking Therapies by up to 74%, improve outcomes and help reduce treatment costs.
Reduce Clinical Risk with Outcome Feedback

Case and Risk management for Children & Young People

In-built risk management and safeguarding tools to help improve children and young people's mental health outcomes.

Streamline service admin processes, boost access and increase engagement all within one easy to use and MHSDS compliant web-based platform.

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Award-winning Expertise

At PCMIS we specialise in high quality, evidence-based data and digital tools that benefit clinicians and the individuals in their care.

We have over 15 years experience providing technology for Mental Healthcare programmes such as NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (now NHS Talking Therapies) and can support complex services both at home and abroad.

As recently as 2021, our NHS Staff Wellbeing Digital Pathway won a prestigious Medilink Healthcare Business Award for best partnership with an NHS Primary Care service.

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Able to capture a full range of patient data

Clear, configurable, accurate reporting

Appointment and diary management

Granular system and data auditing

Seamless integration with digital therapy providers

High quality user support and guidance

Patient communications management

Clinically-proven risk management tools

The highest security standards

Key Features

Flexible, intelligent and easy to use, our web-based case management system and digital pathways support the secure collection and analysis of mental health data, helping you effectively monitor your service and manage clinical risk.

PCMIS technology can be harnessed to maximise resources whilst improving care at every step of the patient journey.

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Services We Support

We support a wide range of Mental Healthcare services including NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT), Children & Young People’s (CYP) mental health services, charities, Higher Education Institutions, Staff Wellbeing services and many more.


If you don’t think your service fits into any of the below categories, that doesn’t mean we can’t work with you to the benefit of your patients and staff.

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Our Clients

Some of the healthcare providers currently using PCMIS technology include: