PCMIS HE for Student Support services

PCMIS HE is a specially developed mental health case management system for Universities and Higher Education Institutions. Designed in partnership with mental health researchers and practitioners at the University of York, PCMIS HE specifically meets the demanding, unique requirements of the education sector.


Tailored for Student Support

Our team know the importance of supporting students throughout their entire academic journey, and the need for you as an institution to both retain students and provide the highest possible level of care.

The PCMIS HE system and integrated Student Portal facilitate convenient, confidential referrals, effective treatment, data collection and analysis. Our cutting edge tools enable Student Support services to case manage students efficiently, keep track of changes in their wellbeing and focus on providing timely, appropriate interventions.

  • Efficient collection of a wide range of student outcome data
  • Evidence-based clinical tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness of treatment regimes
  • The highest standards of reporting targets for data completeness
  • A range of reports designed for Student Support services
  • Multiple Case Types and Pathways including Student Support, Disability and Eating Disorders.
  • Integrated Student Digital Pathway to streamline referrals and maximise online collection of routine outcome measures
  • Digital Health Integration options available including SilverCloud Health

Student Support Case Study

Student Services |
Leeds Trinity University

Read about how Leeds Trinity’s dedicated Student Services team transitioned away from spreadsheets and paper forms, implementing PCMIS to improve administration processes, case management and service accessibility.