Digital Therapy

Using secure API integration technology, we offer a range of Digital Therapy integrations for any service looking to introduce digital interventions or digital triage as part of their care offering.


Seamless and secure data transfer

Treatment and demographic information from our integration partners can be transferred back to PCMIS for you to access, including the IAPT minimum dataset and clinical notes.

PCMIS can also combine our Digital Pathway with registration for Digital Therapy programs.

Based on their responses to initial questionnaires, consenting patients can be automatically registered with your chosen program at the same time as referring into service.

  • Reduce waiting lists by quickly referring low-risk clients to Digital Therapy
  • Improve outcomes by providing quicker access to effective care
  • Easily monitor risk and outcomes as data flows directly back to PCMIS
  • Eliminate manual duplication and reduce admin time
  • Increase choice and accessibility for those reluctant to consider face to face therapy

Our current Digital Therapy partners


PCMIS is fully integrated with SilverCloud Health, a leading provider of online support programs for a variety of mental health issues.

SilverCloud’s popular Direct to Digital integration option allows new referrals to be offered and signed up to SilverCloud treatment at the point they referral online.

Reducing waiting times and helping achieve access targets.


PCMIS offers a ‘complete’ integration with Limbic, an AI therapy assistant for care providers, clinicians and service users.

Our integration flows patient responses, including individual assessment scores, into the PCMIS system securely using our API integration. 

See our short explainer for more information on how this integration can benefit your IAPT patients.

A prescribed app, Paddle is not a Digital Therapy tool in itself, however, it has been developed by patients for patients to help them make the most of therapy by storing all related information in one secure location.

It can be used during, and after, a course of psychological therapy to help people stay well for longer.

Paddle is currently only by invitation from a selected number of therapists in certain NHS IAPT services. To find out more, visit the Paddle website,

Patients within the PCMIS system can now swiftly access mental healthcare therapists through a user-friendly calendar booking system, with options for secure video, audio, or text appointments.

The seamless integration with Dr Julian enhances patients’ access to mental healthcare, The benefits of this integration extend to both patients and clinicians. Enhanced efficiency and streamlined registration processes eliminate manual data entry, while secure data flow between systems ensures up-to-date patient records.

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If the Digital Therapy provider you’re working with isn’t listed above, that doesn’t mean integration with PCMIS isn’t possible.

Contact Us to discuss how our API technology can facilitate Digital Therapy integration.