PCMIS for other Mental Health services

PCMIS case management tools can support a range of other mental health related services. Those we currently work with include Military Veterans services, Eating Disorders services, Community-based and Charity organisations.


A scalable solution to suit a range of service sizes and requirements

The PCMIS system is highly adaptable and can be used to effectively support a wide range of services related to mental health.

At PCMIS we offer a personal, bespoke service to smaller organisations looking to improve their case management and reporting capabilities.

Contact us if you’d like to talk to a team member, we’re always keen to hear from charities and smaller, specialist services.

  • Efficient collection of a wide range of outcome data
  • Evidence-based clinical tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness of treatment regimes
  • Multiple Case Types and Pathways available to suit your requirements
  • Screening tools specific to your specialist service
  • Bespoke clinical measures based on your treatment requirements
  • Management reports and reporting dashboards tailored to your service
  • Specialist risk alerts
  • Shaped and adapted to your current business model