We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your query isn’t answered on our website.

What is PCMIS?

PCMIS is a secure, highly configurable and easy to use electronic patient record (EPR) system designed to support mental health case and risk management.

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Is PCMIS for IAPT services only?

No. PCMIS started as an IAPT system, but has developed over 15 years into a flexible system which can effectively support a range of mental health services.

Can PCMIS be used outside of the UK?

Yes, we have a number of international healthcare organisations using PCMIS outside of the UK, including sites in Australia and Hong Kong.

Find out how we support International Mental Health services.

How quickly can PCMIS be implemented?

The system normally takes between six to eight weeks to set up, depending on service requirements. We will work with your local IT and Data leads to ensure a smooth, secure transition to our systems.

Do I have to download anything to use PCMIS?

No. PCMIS is a fully hosted, secure web-based system, accessed by logging in to a secure website, unique to each service.

Will PCMIS affect local IT infrastructure?

PCMIS is designed to ensure it does not impact on any local resources. PCMIS is a fully hosted, secure web-based Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system and does not require any additional software to be installed locally.

Do PCs/laptops need any specific requirements to use PCMIS?

For peak system performance we recommend using the latest version of your chosen web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc) and accessing the system via pre-authorised connections, existing VPN or NHS Health & Social Care Network (HSCN) where appropriate. We also offer Two-factor Authentication.

There are no other specific requirements but do get in touch for advice if you are unsure whether your IT hardware is compatible.

Can PCMIS integrate with other case management systems?

Yes PCMIS can be integrated with a number of other programs and systems to help you reduce administration time, increase efficiency and empower the individuals using your service.

Visit our Integration section to find out more.

Can PCMIS integrate with Digital Therapy providers?

Yes PCMIS is able to securely receive and integrate data from Digital Therapy or ‘Internet Enabled Therapy’ providers. We have a range of existing integrations that work to reduce waiting list times, improve outcomes and eliminate duplication of admin tasks.

We welcome approaches from other providers looking to integrate with our technology.

Visit our Integration section to find out more.

What user support is available for PCMIS?

We offer dedicated telephone and email support to all of our users. Support hours are 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Is user training provided?

We offer a range of training options, whether locally at your premises, here at PCMIS in York, or via online video link.

Access to a demo system and training materials including a suite of video guides are provided for local service training and refreshers.

Do clinicians and other staff require specific skills to use the system?

The PCMIS system and all supporting technologies are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. No special skills are needed to understand or use the system but we do recommend organising some user training when new to the system.

How often is PCMIS updated?

PCMIS is regularly updated to add new features, fix bugs and incorporate the latest developments in mental health data set requirements.

We aim to update PCMIS quarterly and these are included free of charge as part of your contract with PCMIS.

How secure is PCMIS?

PCMIS is hosted from a resilient UK Class Data Centre with onsite power backup, automated encrypted nightly back-ups and anti-virus updates.

System connectivity is via a dual fibre, very high speed 2GB/s network infrastructure with AES 256bit IGT approved network encryption.

Multiple industry standard E3 compliant internal and external firewalls ensure your data is extremely well safeguarded.