Experts in Digital Mental Health technology

At PCMIS Health Technologies Ltd we provide IT solutions to drive efficient service management and facilitate effective healthcare treatment.

Our CEO has over 25 years experience in healthcare innovation. Our team’s digital health expertise and our passion for building partnerships mean we are uniquely placed to demonstrate the positive impact that innovative technology, combined with world-leading research, can have on people’s health.

As a team we work towards one goal: Improving Patient Wellbeing.

A unique link to Mental Health Research


PCMIS is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the University of York.

As a healthcare technology company we maintain a strong collaborative relationship with the University’s world-leading Mental Health and Addiction Group (MHARG).

Our technology is underpinned by innovative, evidence-based mental health research.

A trusted and experienced healthcare technology partner

We have been implementing case management solutions for the NHS and other healthcare providers for over 15 years.

PCMIS was initially designed to support data collection at the very first pilot site for the NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme (IAPT) in 2006. We achieved an impressive 99.6% data completeness for the trial site, helping set future benchmarks for IAPT services, and influencing the roll out of the national IAPT data set.

Since then, our case and risk management tools have developed in line with the increase in demand for psychological therapy treatment and the fast-paced digital health sector.

We now provide our technology to thousands of healthcare professionals around the world.

Our values

As a company we aim to remain true to seven values across all our activities…

Innovation | To develop innovative patient and clinician facing technology that facilitates better healthcare outcomes

Quality | To maintain the highest of standards to ensure quality, impactful and compliant technology for our clients

Versatility | To be flexible and adaptable as an organisation and in the technology we provide

Professionalism | To maintain a professional attitude to working with our partners and clients

Security | To ensure data security and design by design are at the heart of our technology offering

Collaboration | To be open-minded, welcoming and generous with our time and ideas when working in partnership with clients, partners or service users

Research and Evidence | To maintain a ‘research-led, evidence based’ approach to healthcare technology


"PCMIS has revolutionised what we do!"

Anne Haversham, Open Door Team Leader, University of York