Cutting edge technology for NHS IAPT

Working with IAPT services since the very first NHS Pathfinder site in 2006, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you effectively and efficiently manage high volumes of individual patient data through stepped care.


Tailored for IAPT

PCMIS is tailored to meet IAPT minimum dataset requirements and provide real-time information on patient outcomes, clinical supervision, psychological treatment regimes, clinical staff and patient contact activity levels, outcome feedback and treatment plans.

As the first patient information system to be developed with automatic alerts, PCMIS prompts clinicians, supervisors and managers to review cases quickly and safely, providing a reliable support to overview clinical decision making.

  • Efficient collection of a wide range of patient outcome data
  • Evidence-based clinical tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness of treatment regimes
  • The highest standards of reporting targets for data completeness
  • A range of reports designed for IAPT services including IAPT KPIs and IAPT Data Set submission reports
  • IAPT Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports
  • Multiple Case Types and Pathways including Integrated IAPT for Long Term Conditions, Perinatal and Employment Support
  • Integrated IAPT Digital Pathway to increase access and engagement

Clinically-proven treatment response technology for IAPT

Exclusive to the PCMIS case management system, Outcome Feedback (OF) is ‘Expected Treatment Response’ technology that is proven to reduce the risk of deterioration in IAPT patients.

It is designed to quickly identify patients ‘Not on Track’ in their response to treatment whilst enabling greater communication between patient and therapist as well as between therapist and clinical supervisor,

Outcome Feedback improves patient outcomes and can help reduce treatment costs for psychological therapy services.

"Therapists like how Outcome Feedback works as a 'wing mirror' to help them spot potential problems early on."

Dr Jon Wheatley, Clinical Lead, Talk Changes, City & Hackney IAPT

NHS IAPT Case Study

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Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

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