Online eReferrals

The first step on our Digital Pathway empowers patients to refer online using an eReferral form embedded on your website.

Patients can easily register their details with you, set their communication preferences, and answer any initial questions you may wish to ask them in order to help manage risk and triage online.

Choose & Book online appointments

A fully integrated online appointment booking facility designed to empower patients from day one, Choose & Book improves engagement whilst reducing the admin burden for your service.

Key benefits include an appointment booking process that is much more convenient for patients and much more efficient for services.

PCMIS Portal

Once they've referred and gone through any screening or triage process, patients can continue to engage with your service online.

The PCMIS Portal empowers them to complete routine outcome measures, including ADSMs, securely online in advance of scheduled appointments. Responses flow seamlessly into the PCMIS system, where clinicians can review them and plan ahead.

Key benefits include a significant reduction in admin tasks and better optimisation of contact time.


Communicating with service users by text is proven to achieve significantly higher engagement and response rates than via email
(70% SMS vs 20% email).

With Portal SMS you can automate important service messages for every step of the patient journey, boosting online completion rates for clinical measures and ensuring continuity of care.


The quality and security of your service data is extremely important to us. We work hard to ensure all our systems and supporting digital technologies comply with industry best practice standards across all criteria.