Student Support | Leeds Trinity University


Leeds Trinity University’s Student Support and Wellbeing team have been using PCMIS since 2020 to improve administration processes, case management and service accessibility.

Head of Service Toby Chelms talks about his experience implementing and using PCMIS…

When considering using PCMIS, what problem were you trying to solve?

We were trying to move the University away from paper based notes and email based referrals. We needed a system that was GDPR compliant and able to support quick and accurate answers to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

How was the problem affecting your staff and / or students?

We were having to use email as a referral system which was unnecessarily complicated, made it hard to track who had been responded to and who hadn’t, increased the chance of double-booking and meant notes were not in one place (some on a spreadsheet, some in Outlook and some in paper forms in filing cabinets).

It also meant FOI requests were high pressured and took a huge amount of time as it would require looking through the various systems to get an answer.

What possible solutions did you consider?

From previously working in Leeds IAPT, PCMIS was a clear leader due to the positive use and experience with support staff.

The only alternatives were a purpose built system, which would be both financially and capacity costly, or a system such as Dynamics 365 which would be offering much more than we would make use of.

Why did you choose PCMIS?

We decided to engage PCMIS due to the reasonable cost, my previous positive experience of the system and excellent customer service offered, and the team’s clinical knowledge.

PCMIS offers a much more personal touch, being in contact with both a Client Engagement Manager and the actual people building the system.

"Since implementing PCMIS we've streamlined our admin processes, reduced waiting lists and become a much more accessible service. "

Toby Chelms, Head of Student Support and Wellbeing, Leeds Trinity University

How did implementation go?

Smoothly, we were kept in the loop throughout and were able to make small requests for unforeseen changes when needed.

What measurable benefits and improvements have you seen?

Definitely a streamlined admin process, quicker responses to FOI requests, better managed waiting lists, shorter waiting lists, and overall a much more accessible service.

How would you sum up your experience of working with PCMIS during and beyond implementation?

Effortless, helpful at every step of the way, no unwanted surprises and quick, helpful answers whenever questions arise.