Outcome Feedback Talking Therapies Case Study | City & Hackney Talking Therapies


City & Hackney Talking Therapies (formerly Talk Changes) is a large and dynamic NHS Talking Therapy (TT) service for residents of Hackney, London.

The services sees over 6000 patients a year and offers a range of evidence based psychological therapies.

Dr Jon Wheatley, Clinical Lead, talks through their implementation of Outcome Feedback and the benefits they’ve seen in service.


Outcome Feedback is…

An innovative technology developed by PCMIS in partnership with NHS therapists and world-leading mental health researchers.

This prediction or ‘Expected Treatment Response’ (ETR) technology uses data from patient questionnaires to rapidly identify those at risk of deterioration. It does this by tracking their symptoms and monitoring responses to treatment, compared to thousands of patients with similar characteristics.


Outcome Feedback is clinically proven to reduce the risk of deterioration during treatment by up to 73% in cases identified as high risk, with a 48% reduction in the risk of deterioration for all cases. 


"Outcome Feedback can help therapists learn how to be more collaborative and effective."

Dr Jon Wheatley - Clinical Lead, City & HAckney Talking Therapies

An early adopter

Following a national Outcome Feedback trial. City & Hackney TTs agreed to be an ‘early adopter’ site to help gather further evidence on how the use of prediction technology can improve the effectiveness of psychological therapies.

After an “excellent, engaging and very clear” training session, City & Hackney TT began using Outcome Feedback technology to “inform clinical supervision and decision making during treatment.”

City & Hackney TT Clinical Lead, Dr Jon Wheatley recommends using Outcome Feedback in Talking Therapy treatment…

“Therapists like how Outcome Feedback works as a ‘wing mirror’ to help them spot potential problems early on.”

Dr Wheatley found that Outcome Feedback also empowered patients, helping them feel more engaged with their treatment.

“Patients have been very interested to see their scores and the progress they have made over time. They find this very motivating.”

The feedback processes City & Hackney TT introduced ultimately helped to improve their psychological therapy offering.

“Since we started using Outcome Feedback technology we have seen an increase in our recovery rates.”