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Leading Australian healthcare provider Remedy Healthcare are a longstanding PCMIS partner. Remedy first implemented our system back in 2015, when Australia gave the green light for the rollout of a national psychological therapy programme based on England’s IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapy) programme.

We asked Nicci Tepper, Senior Coach at the Remedy Healthcare MindStep service, to talk about her experience working with PCMIS…

Can you describe Remedy Healthcare and what you do?

Remedy Healthcare are an Australian-wide provider of in home and virtual healthcare services. Our services integrate physical, mental and social health, and focus on reducing risk.

When considering using PCMIS, what issues were you looking to address?

When launching our first mental health program back in 2015 we needed specific software to support our mental health coaches and supervisors in delivering, recording and reporting on the treatments we were now offering.

How was this affecting your staff?

We needed to have solid structures in place to support our clinical team, particularly in assessment collection, risk management and alerts and reports.

"The PCMIS system is user friendly and the team behind it are lovely to work with."

Nicci Tepper, Senior Mindstep Coach, Remedy Healthcare Mindstep Service

Why did you choose PCMIS?

We wanted to align reporting with the NHS IAPT accepted protocol for Step 2 / LiCBT (Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) programs and inbuilt reporting features make that very easy with PCMIS.

The team’s experience supporting the NHS IAPT programme from its inception through many iterations and their understanding of our requirements, were key factors in our decision to partner with them.

What measurable benefits and improvements have you seen?

Extracting data from PCMIS is incredible easy, there are many standard features such as supervisor alerts, which are handy everyday and where our service have required bespoke modifications, they have been made in a timely way.

Would you recommend PCMIS to other healthcare providers?

Yes! The PCMIS system is user friendly and the team behind it are lovely to work with – highly recommend!