PCMIS Outcome Feedback a ‘cost effective strategy’ for Mental Health

A newly published cost-effectiveness study concludes that Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) such as Outcome Feedback in PCMIS, is likely to be a cost effective strategy for mental health services.


Outcome Feedback is an example of FIT that has been trialled and rolled out across IAPT services using PCMIS. It is proven to reduce deterioration in high risk patients by up to 73%, and by around 40% in all patients.

IAPT services using this clinically proven and highly effective tool as part of treatment for depression and anxiety have found that it has also contributed to improvements in recovery rates.

This latest study, an independent Health Economics Evaluation published in the influential Behaviour Research and Therapy journal BRaT), reviewed whether in addition to the improvements in patient outcomes associated with using Outcome Feedback, it could also be cos- effective for mental health services to use as part of routine practice.

The study concludes that use of Outcome Feedback increases the probability of reliable improvement in routine clinical practice and can be considered as a cost effective strategy for mental health services.

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