Innovative approach to improving health and employment outcomes.

In 2009 an Employment Adviser (EA) pilot programme was introduced in areas of England with the aim of testing the added value of providing employment advice along with psychological therapy to employed IAPT (now Talking Therapies) clients, helping them remain at work or return to work if on sick leave.

The aim of this evaluation would be to determine whether the implementation of such a programme would reduce the incidence of health-related job loss and also provide mental health support.

When the IAPT and EA services were a single integrated service it was apparent that referrals were increased and so came the introduction of NHS Talking Therapies (TT) and Employment Advisors integrated care, enabling greater provision of integrated therapy and employment support.

EAs in NHS Talking Therapies currently has 40% coverage across England, with expansion plans to provide 100% coverage and support 100K people by 24/25).*

PCMIS EA digital pathway for NHS Talking Therapies.

Digitise your Employment Support offering with our fully-integrated online client engagement tools.

EA Online Referrals

PCMIS offer a digitised solution, integrating EA online referral forms, capturing demographics and datasets, flowing them securely into PCMIS as a new EA referral.

Once in PCMIS advisors can review referrals, schedule appointments, collect EA specific questionnaire responses and access reports on the Employment Support case load.

Optimise Employment Support activity

Our EA pathway can optimise service Employment Support activity and improve client engagement. We support all Talking Therapies pathways concurrently from one trusted system to facilitate 360° service visibility and management.

The Benefits

EA Portal
The PCMIS EA Portal empowers clients to complete routine questionnaires securely online in advance of scheduled Employment Support appointments. Empowering the client, reducing administration and optimising EA contact time.

The Benefits


The NHS is committed to keep doing its part to support those with mental health issues who want to work, and offering employment advice from experienced advisors through our Talking Therapies services across the country is a fantastic and important development, especially in times of economic challenges and increased need for mental health support.
Claire Murdoch, NHS national mental health director


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