PCMIS Health Technologies and Dr Julian Medical Group collaborate to offer seamless mental healthcare accessibility

PCMIS and Dr Julian integration

Since the onset of the pandemic, the strain on mental health services has been profound, underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions to bridge the gap. Recognising this imperative, PCMIS Health Technologies and Dr Julian Medical Group have collaborated to offer a transformative approach to mental healthcare delivery.

PCMIS Health Technologies’ cutting-edge patient record system, renowned for its effective case management and outcome monitoring, now integrates seamlessly with Dr-Julian, an innovative mental healthcare platform available on web and mobile devices. This integration heralds a new era of accessibility and efficiency in mental healthcare provision.

Seamless integration enhances patient access to mental healthcare

By automating the patient referral process through secure digital onboarding, the integration between PCMIS and Dr-Julian eliminates manual tasks, reducing administrative burden and enhancing patient safety. Patients within the PCMIS system can now swiftly access mental healthcare therapists through a user-friendly calendar booking system, with options for secure video, audio, or text appointments.

Dr Julian Nesbitt, founder of Dr-Julian, emphasises the significance of interoperability in modernising healthcare delivery, stating,

“Interoperability is no longer a nice-to-have but an essential component of the NHS’ Digitisation agenda. We are thrilled to have achieved such a seamless integration with PCMIS, which will not only save administrative time and reduce risk but also enable us to reach many more patients struggling with their mental health.”

Echoing this sentiment, Byron George, PCMIS co-founder and CEO, underscores the collaborative effort’s impact on patient care and NHS operational costs, calling it

“an exemplar of industry innovation and partnership.”

Streamlined processes boost efficiency and clinical care

The benefits of this integration extend to both patients and clinicians. Enhanced efficiency and streamlined registration processes eliminate manual data entry, while secure data flow between systems ensures up-to-date patient records. Clinicians are able to access clinical questionnaire responses, such as PHQ-9 and GAD7, directly within the PCMIS patient record, facilitating informed decision-making and personalised care. Automation reduces administrative burdens and streamlines processes, resulting in smoother operations, which not only saves time for healthcare providers but translates into tangible cost savings.

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